Thursday, May 16

one million friday frieze fair fotos

On Friday I made the adventure to Randall Island for the Frieze Fair and was greeted by this giant by Paul McCarthy that I'm sure many expected to be a Koons.

 I was able to go free thanks to Pablo's Berlin gallery connection (the $42 entry fee was making me balk)

 The day before - in an epic coincidence - I had run into my dear artist friend Pablo Rasgado (visiting from Mexico City) in Katze's Deli.
 What did it mean? We guessed it meant we should go to Frieze together.

 It was a perfect day between two rainy days.
 While we waited for our free tickets we found this found art.

  First I paid homage to the graves of Modernism before entering into the contemporaryness inside.
 Finally in the tent Pablo opened up a magazine at the help counter to show me his full page ad. Awesome!
 I didn't think this was awesome but anyone who's been to my house knows my attraction to cassette tapes in these wooden shelves.

 This is a case where directly copying Blinky Palermo is OK because its in homage by his great friend Imi Knoebel. I only know this because of the Imi homage to Blinky at Dia Beacon I saw recently.
 Wolfgang Laib made these waxhouses.
 I was startled by these because they look like copies of Eric Sall moves.

 someone get that sculpture a dress.
 A tiny Sze.

 Not only mirror table art/ found goblet art, also olfactory art (wine in the goblets).
 gun art meets instrument art
 The Franz West Plaza!

 I kinda liked these grimy boxes on stilts.

 This booth won best booth. Painted cardboard by a Spanish Artist, Carlos Bunga.

The Tom Friedman Plaza!

Easily the most popular selfie site at the fair.
 I was not strong enough to thwart its selfie powers.
 the bread got me too.

Cheers, Giant Pizza.
 Spencer Finch

 Thomas Hirschhorn

 I snuck this photo because he looks like Richard Nixon.


 Tony Feher

 Canada Gallery
 Thanks, Barbara.
 Robert Irwin  (I'm rereading his bio right now).

 After Frieze Pablo got to try a burger he had long heard legends of: the Shake Shack's Shack Stack