Friday, July 21

Friday, July 14

one milllion artist x-roommates

"Expedition One" by Allan Ludwig

congratulations to allan for making it into the most recent New American Paintings! even though he's claiming his homestate of Florida in this southern region issue, you can find him in Claremont, California about to start his second year of grad school planning on making more great paintings for the L.A. scene...and to trade with me.

Monday, July 10

one million places to show paintings in chicago

James J Peterson "Trees Fighting" (this picture is allowed to be donated to me)

congratulations to salime and jimmy who are opening a gallery in Chicago this friday! (remember when i used to spell it 'congradulations'? was really embarassing when i wrote report card comments for my teen students.)

go, or tell your illinoying friends to go, to

Gallery fifty50
1017 west lake

with works by

matthew cherry
michael krueger
kristin baker
jeremy tinder
alex gross

and enjoy another painting by jimmy.
"Descending Structure"

...descending to its new home, the structure of MY WALL, please.

Friday, July 7

one million blue guerillas

Joe Penrod in Portland exactly one week ago.

i got to help joe kick off this new series of his which takes advantage of the ubiquitous supply of urban shadows available to the public. see and read more at his blog linked to mine and his flickr account linked to the title.

Rob Egbert casting us a shadow onto the Seattle Art Museum - thanks also to his wife, Sara, for helping with Seattle shadows and getting us matching blue shirts for the performance.

We visited the Frye Museum in Seattle twice and got two different looks at this shadow.

Pike Place Market.

one million fecal faces

"Tongues of Water in the Garden of Eden"

you may recognize this exquisite drawing from my link to casey jex smith's website, but i repeat it here now because
A. i wish i could have it and
B. casey is currently featured on fecalface with many works and an interview (linked to this post by clicking the title)

i just returned from one month of "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Across North America 2006" with many an interesting thing to blog without, unfortunately, a camera to document any of it. i'm telling you this because i wish i could also post work by casey's friend Amanda that i saw two days ago - intricate figurative glaze paintings on clay supports. they have a show this saturday in a new mission district (san francisco) gallery called Receiver that you should go to if you're in the bay area this weekend.
more posts of my month using borrowed photos to come.