Monday, July 10

one million places to show paintings in chicago

James J Peterson "Trees Fighting" (this picture is allowed to be donated to me)

congratulations to salime and jimmy who are opening a gallery in Chicago this friday! (remember when i used to spell it 'congradulations'? was really embarassing when i wrote report card comments for my teen students.)

go, or tell your illinoying friends to go, to

Gallery fifty50
1017 west lake

with works by

matthew cherry
michael krueger
kristin baker
jeremy tinder
alex gross

and enjoy another painting by jimmy.
"Descending Structure"

...descending to its new home, the structure of MY WALL, please.


Joe Penrod said...

I want some trees fighting in my house! Maybe we could overpower him and take them? Would that be wrong?

Cindy said...

If two trees fight in a forest, does it make a sound?

savoury toothed tiger said...

no joe you're right, i think moral laws allow for flexibility in matters of extreme aesthetic desire.
and yes, cindy, if the picture proof of those fighting trees shows evidence of primal screams issuing from open contorted tree mouths.