Tuesday, October 31

one million paintings of arrowheads

(a Chelsea homage to my father)

Casey - help me remember this guy's name...that bay area artist i saw in the SFMOMA...

Drawings of arrowheads is so ingrained in my earliest personal drawing-viewing experience with my father's scientific draftsmanship of stone tool technology that i was immediately excited and touched to see these two pieces and jealous that i wasn't using this image - what right do they have to use my personal iconography!?. the same "injustice" struck me with the Lane Twitchell below, an x-mormon using mormon symbols, narrative, and imagery with notable success in the new york artworld. as if i had any right to chastise pillagers...

(In the same gallery) Lane Twitchell

"Mountain Meadow's Mysteries or the Evening's Redness in the West".

Thursday, October 5