Friday, February 29

one million kitsch sculptures one could make in Utah if one were so inclined

Nursery Rhyme Proposal: ceramic cow, easterbunny, ghosts, plastic Casper, epoxies.

Thank Goodness For Unicorns Three: ceramic and plaster unicorns, Jesus, Santa, dog, deer, mallard, epoxies.

Ballerina: ceramic ballerina, ducks, pelican, trick-or-treater ghost, cupids, epoxies.

Moses Ghosts: ceramic Moses and ghosts, epoxy.

Im excited for these little new things. I mailed them to Richmond from Utah and they will next be brought to New York for Scope with ADA Gallery at the end of March if you find yourself in the city and feel so inclined to visit them there.

Tuesday, February 12

one million dangers of devil'sland

Sculpture by Gian Pierotti
Installed on anonymous graffitti

Today Gian invited me for an art adventure at a little post-apocalyptic ruin paradise here in the Utah wilderness we know as Devil'sland
We extracted Ruel from his sickbed to join the adventure.
Gian shot photos of his little ceramic sculptures

and I dropped my sunglasses into a pit half filled with insecure ice.

Just one of the seven dangers of Devil'sland.

one million tapes holding together styrofoam drawings

New work from Berlin.  
Styrofoam and electrician's tape housing pencil drawing on paper.  Although I consider the tape lines holding the styrofoam together a drawing itself.

Wednesday, February 6

one million Berlin Bild proposals

"Five Proposals for Site-Specific Berlin Sculptures Using German Real-Estate",
jigsaw puzzle and collage.

one million Kompact Living Spaces

"Bild 36: Kompact Living Space" (Berlin Bild)

Balancing these computer monitors was a strange afterthought addition that I ended-up loving for the unexpected StarWars reference.

Tuesday, February 5

one million prisma colors for christmas


"Christmas List 2008: Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's"
both drawings 10'x11'