Friday, February 29

one million kitsch sculptures one could make in Utah if one were so inclined

Nursery Rhyme Proposal: ceramic cow, easterbunny, ghosts, plastic Casper, epoxies.

Thank Goodness For Unicorns Three: ceramic and plaster unicorns, Jesus, Santa, dog, deer, mallard, epoxies.

Ballerina: ceramic ballerina, ducks, pelican, trick-or-treater ghost, cupids, epoxies.

Moses Ghosts: ceramic Moses and ghosts, epoxy.

Im excited for these little new things. I mailed them to Richmond from Utah and they will next be brought to New York for Scope with ADA Gallery at the end of March if you find yourself in the city and feel so inclined to visit them there.


viewerslikeyou said...

jared those are cool.

Miz Ortiz said...

Art is in the eye of the creator and beholder. Not kitsch, but art.
Nice. Thank you.

luminainfinite said...

I was ging to say Ballerina is my favorite, but I'm not sure that's true, I really like Moses Ghosts too. Good Work.

ruel denis rich brown said...

You never cease to amaze me my friend. Amazing.

Laura Lee said...

These absolutely made my day.

I like Moses ghosts.

Grant said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was reminded of these gems when I saw these works of yours: