Monday, September 25

one million pinata car hijinks in manhattan

so...the best part of the parade was right when the parade was ending

having reached the end of the allotted blocked off soho parade streets, we had nowhere to put our vehicle. so we took it to the real streets, merging with traffic, obeying lights, getting honks from cabs - it was like pinnochio becoming a real live boy - our pinata boy car on casters became a steel man of real tires.

to act like a real car we exhausted ourselves running full tilt in our suits on a busy big street. you should see the video footage, it looks like we stole it from the beastie boys. we turned back into the smaller soho cobble streets and wove through traffic until we got to the get-away-truck. after a quick gatorade, we turned into the A-team.

we drove the car to the east village and circled around til we found a parking spot on 1st avenue and 7th street. in about 30 seconds we broke the car out of the back

and parallel parked it

and ran away to the exclusive deitch parade party at love club

having no interest in the free beer nor the five dollar waters we danced until we got the party started and dehydrated ourselves. and returned to our parked pinata for a check-up, photo shoot, and goodbyes. she was getting quite a lot of love and attention from the locals

but i'm sure we loved her more

jimmy left his baby in the east village where it survived a couple of days

and flew home to chicago where he gets to do it all over again for yet another pinata car show.

Friday, September 22

one million parade performers

As promised, a couple of weeks ago i joined the Deitch Projects Art Parade in SoHo thanks to Jimmy Peterson's project, a lifesize 1991 white Ford Mustang pinata.

Andy, Jimmy, me, Seth

the genius behind the pinata conceptualization and creation

Andy looked the most FBI

and Seth looked the most rockstar


that's right, i'm teasing you with mere glimpses of the ford mustang pinata...until next post...or your next visit to flickr.


i'm really just stalling until i get seth's photos of the'll see

one million lockers

Locker 50-B, VCU Fine Arts Building, Third Floor

the most recent show i was in, "How Do". this year our locker gallery is showing once a month with nice opening receptions in the hallway. although the wood floor may have fooled you, those are not giant lego flags (peter baldes), this is a fourteen inch high locker and that is my first try of some soap and styrofoam ideas i've been fleshing out. after several trips to grocery store hygiene aisles this last two weeks i have amassed a lifetime's supply of Ivory and steeped my studio in fresh scented Jergens. in other words i have some more to post soon of this series. but first, the parade!