Wednesday, June 21

one million big brothers

this public sculpture resides on the police department's wall. i can only assume it is meant to comfort/scare me into feeling safely looked after while assuring me of the aesthetic sensitivity of my protectors.

this building is across the street east of my church and across the street south of the ada gallery so i get to feel protected all the time.

one million discarded paintings

WARNING: this post may contain male and female nudity

in the next post you will see my use of 100 undergrad paintings. the few spotlighted in this post just didn't work out, and since i live a couple blocks from the gallery i took them home for a little impromptu exhibition against the brick wall next door.

i had barely placed the paintings and walked into the house when a business dressed biker's attention was caught and he veered off his route to catch the show. when he caught me trying to take this secret photo of him he was embarrased:
biker: "oh! i'm sorry!"
me: "no problem! you're the first to stroll this public gallery."
biker: "well, thank-you for displaying your work!"
me: "you're welcome!"

i left for an hour and when i returned one of the paintings was gone! mr. male frontal nude was the first to go. amused by the quick success of this project i was also immediately disappointed that i didn't have the theft on film.

that very night we watched from our kitchen window as two girls pulled-up in a car and, under the cover of darkness, took three more paintings.

within three days time every single painting had been stolen from my empty lot gallery.

hopefully i can get a time lapse infrared camera for the next show...

one million aquariams and undergrad oil paintings

thanks to previoius Richmond pet fish owners who donated their used aquariums to Fantastic and Diversity thrift.

thanks to productive and careless undergraduate painting students who left their semester's work laying around for me to collect...100 of them.

thanks to John Pollard of ADA gallery for the opportunity to bild gustons again.

and finally, thanks to patriotic sweat bands and beards for the power to stack for an entire day within the 20 inches between window and wall.

Tuesday, June 20

one million backyard bild seasons: summer

it's been a couple of months since leaving this backyard, but with my old roommate, aaron straw, still around it was able to continue living. the real test will be next year with new tenants and an annoyed landlord. will the bild's impressive stature, obvious aesthetic value, and logical existence save it from destruction??? to be continued 9/1/06...

one million styrofoams

some last minute bilds in front of my studio before leaving richmond for a month of "Trip Across North America 2006"

some of the more recent collections: styrofoam, tupperwares, rubix cubes, plastic animals, and weekly planner pill boxes. thanks to jnel iglesias for the display case she had to get rid of cleaning out her studio the same day.

and thanks to marian smith for these cute little dudes

Saturday, June 3

one million jareddays

June 1.

ordering the sun to stop setting on my twenties

resigned to the next daylight as a thirty-year-old

turns out that 30 brought my wildest dreams coming true: chilled pumpkin pie covered entirely with whipped cream plus one million gifts (too overwhelming to blog).

jaredday ends with JC3030

Jared Clark (june 1, 1976) and Jason Coates (june 2, 1975) during the one hour they were the same age in 2006. (shout-out to mom for the jaredday gift of new rainbow sandals seen here [the originals having been lost during "Shanghaied 2006: the Chinatown Bus Tragedy"] not to mention carrying me in her womb, enduring my exit from the womb, and the sum of my existence post-womb)

one million jareddays in order of appearance:

Brigham Young
Marilyn Monroe
Morgan Freeman
Terry Winters
Andy Griffith
Rene Auberjonois
Jacques Marquette
Edward "the Equalizer" Woodward
Pat Boone
Nelson Riddle
Nicole, Andy Kozlowski's wife

R.I.P Helen Keller who died on jaredday 1968 at age 87.