Wednesday, June 21

one million discarded paintings

WARNING: this post may contain male and female nudity

in the next post you will see my use of 100 undergrad paintings. the few spotlighted in this post just didn't work out, and since i live a couple blocks from the gallery i took them home for a little impromptu exhibition against the brick wall next door.

i had barely placed the paintings and walked into the house when a business dressed biker's attention was caught and he veered off his route to catch the show. when he caught me trying to take this secret photo of him he was embarrased:
biker: "oh! i'm sorry!"
me: "no problem! you're the first to stroll this public gallery."
biker: "well, thank-you for displaying your work!"
me: "you're welcome!"

i left for an hour and when i returned one of the paintings was gone! mr. male frontal nude was the first to go. amused by the quick success of this project i was also immediately disappointed that i didn't have the theft on film.

that very night we watched from our kitchen window as two girls pulled-up in a car and, under the cover of darkness, took three more paintings.

within three days time every single painting had been stolen from my empty lot gallery.

hopefully i can get a time lapse infrared camera for the next show...


w said...

I heart this post, truly.

English said...

This is a damn fine idea. Let me know next time you have enough paintings to do it again. I love to help film this.

I bet the "is this stuff I'm taking suppoused to be free?" body language of your patrons would be a treat.

English said...
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