Saturday, June 3

one million jareddays

June 1.

ordering the sun to stop setting on my twenties

resigned to the next daylight as a thirty-year-old

turns out that 30 brought my wildest dreams coming true: chilled pumpkin pie covered entirely with whipped cream plus one million gifts (too overwhelming to blog).

jaredday ends with JC3030

Jared Clark (june 1, 1976) and Jason Coates (june 2, 1975) during the one hour they were the same age in 2006. (shout-out to mom for the jaredday gift of new rainbow sandals seen here [the originals having been lost during "Shanghaied 2006: the Chinatown Bus Tragedy"] not to mention carrying me in her womb, enduring my exit from the womb, and the sum of my existence post-womb)

one million jareddays in order of appearance:

Brigham Young
Marilyn Monroe
Morgan Freeman
Terry Winters
Andy Griffith
Rene Auberjonois
Jacques Marquette
Edward "the Equalizer" Woodward
Pat Boone
Nelson Riddle
Nicole, Andy Kozlowski's wife

R.I.P Helen Keller who died on jaredday 1968 at age 87.


Joe Penrod said...

Happy Birthday! I already wrote you a happy birthday email, but I didn't want anyone stumbeling on your blog to think you were friendless.

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Jared, though I hope turning 30 has given you that needed additional bit of wisdom to do away with the facial hair.

After all, I've heard facial hair can interfere with one's carrom playing abilities. After all, name one person in the top 10 World Carrom Player Rankings with facial hair? Can't do it? Neither can I.

Again, Happy Birthday.

Peter said...

Happy Birthday Jared!

You should setup an audioblog while you are on your trip and phone in posts...

jane said...

Hey. I don't know you, but Happy Belated Birthday. I love Marilyn Monroe. Not that you care, but Jane day is on June 3.