Wednesday, May 31

one million visiting artists

I believe the text I am about to quote will explain itself. It is the very email that I just sent to Tim Gunn, chair of Parson's New School Design and critic for Project Runway. The link will take you to Tim's blog.

Dear Mr. Gunn,

On behalf of the graduate painting students of Virginia Commonwealth University I am pleased to extend you an invitation to visit our studios and campus here in Richmond, Virginia as an esteemed lecturer and critic.

Virginia Commonwealth receives many visiting artists and critics every year as a top ranked institution in sculpture(#1), painting(#10), and graphic design(#6) and we, the students, are encouraged to also find artists and critics that we would like to invite into our studios. Yes, Tim, we want to invite you to visit us. Besides becoming fans of Project Runway last season and enjoying the parallels it reflects to our bubbled world called art school, we have been impressed by the insights given in your "studio visits" with the designers and would love to chat with you in our own studios about our work and the art world and benefit from a cross-fertilization of your fashion design seeds in our fine art soil.

We would love to have you during either semester next year, anywhere from September 2006 to April 2007. We will take care of your airfare, transportation, lodging, and meals here in Richmond. In addition to conducting private studio visits with the graduate students you will be given an opportunity to lecture with or without slides on whatever pertinent topic you wish. We are excited to offer you this opportunity and hopeful that the invitation bears fruit. If you are interested we will upgrade from this initial informal invitation and offer you the formal big guns.

sincerely, jared lindsay clark, MFA candidate - Painting and Printmaking.
1000 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23284


Joe Penrod said...

well done. My only worry is that he will constantly be hurrying you to complete your sculptures. Those "builds" could be dangerous with a critic breathig down your neck.

dallapozza said...


dallapozza said...

grad school sounds fun.