Thursday, May 18

one million resurrected paintings

a.k.a. a day in jared's studio with Marian, Mike, and Jason

Those of you who have known my art for longer than two years will recognize these knife blocks from their first incarnation as a white, waxy Guston wall. Since then I have always wanted to go more overt with the reference and, two weeks ago, I finally transformed them into the pink buildings they are longing to be. Not only are the blocks being resurrected again, but my use of oil paint is also resurrected with this piece (i had just bragged days earlier in the first sentence of my candidacy statement about "having not squeezed a paint tube in four years" - just writing that made me want to rebel against myself).

Having been long absent from the tradition of oil painting I enlisted our resident oil painter, Marian, to teach me how to mix a good medium for our needs. It became a great collaboration as she thought of pinks I never would have brainstormed.

Then my two next-door-neighbors Mike and Jason wandered in and we naturally grew into an impromptu studio visit (incidentally, the best studio/crit experience i've ever had) which helped me solve some lingering concerns. The following photos document our art discussion

bread piece...pieces of bread

once i cut that sponge into that cutting board print Mike walked in and aptly named it "Sponge Bob Square Prints".

Besides documenting conversation i thought more photos would tell you more stories about my work right now. my growing collections of styrofoam and aquariums.

Did I mention how seriously great this conversation was?! Everything art school wants to be but doesn't really get under the structured group crits.

Mike decided that this was his favourite thing I had done.

The decision to lick it didn't seem so irrational after that.

Mmmmmmm...I guess it tastes as good as it looks!

I will soon blog how this looked in "I mean C'mon, Fluff My Pillow!"

and that was a sneak peak into my studio after exactly two semesters of school.

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