Saturday, October 30

one million audible visuals

East Village art highlight: Chris Coy and I were walking to the New Museum and ran into friend Justin Luke's tiny and awesome gallery, AVA (Audio Visual Arts). It was closed for the night but "on" for viewing.
Antoine Catala's "Topologies"


Tuesday, May 4

one million functional ceramics

wish i could have been here for the James River launch of Gian's Adventure Ceramics.

wish i could be back in Richmond this weekend for his show where the video of the adventure will be revealed.

love Gian's wit and imagination, to take a tired academic-ceramics catchterm - functionality - and breathe life and excitement into it with an illogical boyhood logic.

Wednesday, April 7

one million fragile beasts of burden

Please help me crate this animal, that it might have a safe trip to Chicago.

Thursday, March 11

one million art fairs to come

I'm back from one art fair (Scope New York) and now its time to work every night to prepare work for the next one called NEXT (Chicago), a little confusing to mention in conversation. Gracias ADA Gallery for giving me so many opportunities to show!
so I will be driving to Chicago in late April with a load of fragile sculptures

Sunday, March 7

one million photos i took at the Whitney my mind

After blogging a bit of the Armory I got a little excited about documenting art museums again after such a long hiatus without a camera. It was a real party balloon deflater however when the Whitney told me i couldn't take any photos...not even from their permanent collection! Before I realized this rule, I had taken my first photos of this David Hammonds piece on the top floor.
weird fake plants you ask? 
yes, very weird plants, dred locks growing from rocks and shedding wherever they please.

Friday, March 5

one million walks from the Armory up to Lincoln Center for Scope

John and Kirsten my ADA family

Sharing the stage with !

Thursday, March 4

one million maybe interesting photos from two days at the Armory

Alexis in front of Bernard Frieze
I would have died to make this as an undergrad ( i tried to make one in steel)
Dawn Clements (see studio visit early on this blog from five years ago)
Pierogi Gallery's booth, may they continue to live long and prosper. 
this guy made me feel like i should take my figurine stacking to the next level. His statues are actually moving very slowly up and down on chains connected to a motor, hence the bits of cement you see on the pedestal as they rub against each other. I met him later, John somebody, nice dude.
can't go wrong with neon at the Armory 2010
(more on that at
colors make us so excited!
these kids are so sexist.
i said it at the Allan Mcullom and i'll say it again, you can't go wrong with a little repetition
not a real skull everyone, its carved from a phone book
this is how Australia stacks up
wish i wrote this painter's name down for Allan

one million returns to painting

My Brooklyn room a year ago, from which i now post as a visitor for the first time since leaving to Utah.