Thursday, March 4

one million maybe interesting photos from two days at the Armory

Alexis in front of Bernard Frieze
I would have died to make this as an undergrad ( i tried to make one in steel)
Dawn Clements (see studio visit early on this blog from five years ago)
Pierogi Gallery's booth, may they continue to live long and prosper. 
this guy made me feel like i should take my figurine stacking to the next level. His statues are actually moving very slowly up and down on chains connected to a motor, hence the bits of cement you see on the pedestal as they rub against each other. I met him later, John somebody, nice dude.
can't go wrong with neon at the Armory 2010
(more on that at
colors make us so excited!
these kids are so sexist.
i said it at the Allan Mcullom and i'll say it again, you can't go wrong with a little repetition
not a real skull everyone, its carved from a phone book
this is how Australia stacks up
wish i wrote this painter's name down for Allan

Poor Casey, who knew he would come all the way from San Jose to become part of a yellow nazi installation. I wonder what fortune his t-shirt color will bring him tomorrow at the Moma...
poor broken neon...but colors!

Richard Jackson? That IS a squished Degas statue
Oh Jim Lambie, why must i always love your simple drippy painted objects and taped floors? i try to become indifferent, but you used pink! on mirrors! and called it radiator!
If we thought statue-friction guy had me beat in the upside down figurine arena, this guy totally rocked me in the stacking animals on top of each other genre. Mark my word, this taxidermy fashion is going to get out of hand! ...I'm not ready to see stuffed dead humans as sculptures no matter how cleverly they're stacked.
Fun map for a kids room or something.
I love everything about this painting.

i feel like i know this guy, but its just because Mike Erickson knows him from Kansas City before he became famous at UCLA after the Thing show at the Hammer. Nathan Marbry, or something. Not his best example, but always using this fun idea of using modernist sculptures as the bases for archaeological looking sculptures.
 Nick Cave, not the singer. Jealous of his ceramic bird collection.
This chick's alright, but maybe i'm getting tired of seeing her make the same painting for two galleries in every art fair. really nice though on thin aluminum.
i know this one! Mary Heilmann (two many Ns? i before e?)
i think that's glazed ceramic on the roundy next to oil on canvas.


David Grainger said...

thx for the shout out jared... never did get to see the pierogi booth.
going to more fairs today. hope to see you before you leave

Alice said...

I HATE pink...but mostly purple. I'm dying about the yellow(my favorite color since birth) and Casey...he's so awkward.