Friday, July 27

one million omis

This is going to be very quick - not even time to put the photos in order and write captions. off to catch the chinatownbusredeye into new york and then a flight to europe - wanted to at least post photos from art omi before i'm gone another month. more to come!

Thursday, July 26

one million thesis do-overs paintings

Thesis 2

This happened directly after Thesis 1 way back in May, but I need to blog it before I get to reporting on Art Omi (which I just got back from) and before leaving for another month (Europe!). Here in another gallery Taylor Baldwin and I reinstalled our show so that our moms could see what we did when they came to see us in our caps and gowns.

Ben Huff inspects the painting supports.

Taylor's king mountain presides over my feudal mountains.

The Cutllages you've seen before in configurations you haven't.

I'm glad I got to try out this idea with the painted boards and figurines - a loosening the glue of the wall figurine paintings. The consensus was that it was a better show than my first. I agree it was better looking, but the first was better browsing.