Friday, July 27

one million omis

This is going to be very quick - not even time to put the photos in order and write captions. off to catch the chinatownbusredeye into new york and then a flight to europe - wanted to at least post photos from art omi before i'm gone another month. more to come!


zanisnik said...

the revolutionary war soldier is in deep thought about your piece. Do you think his 18th century mind can understand our cerebral, aesthetic ways?

good luck in europe!

Liz said...

In one of those magical the world is so small ways I met Casey (spelling?) last night in Mountain View! We saw his work with yours in Chicago and randomly met him nearly a year later. Cool.

Version #2 said...

Jared can I interest you in a nanny job here in New York? I quit and they're looking for a new one, they may already have one by the time you get this. Let me know, I lost my phone and your number. Email me.


SummerChild said...

are you back from Europe yet? how were your travels? mine were simply lovely. But not as lovely as your artwork.

w said...

Mr. JLC,

I owe you mix tape and would like to send you one. Send me a mailing address and I'll send you the magical item plus a free book.

Warren C

PS I enjoy the mix tape you send frequently.

savoury toothed tiger said...

Back from Europe!
Z: thanks for the wish, but i had some really bad luck in the end: stolen camera my last day with all the europe photos!
L: i'm so glad you saw casey again, i would like to see him soon.
A: although i am here in nyc, i don't move for another two months, and after hearing why you quit i don't know that i want that nanny job either.
SC: thanks, i'm sure your travels were way lovelier than my junkart though.
W: hey! long time! i can still be sent stuff at vcu while i'm homeless, 1000 W. Broad St. Richmond VA 23284.