Tuesday, September 11

one million lost causes or all thats left one million pictures

Dear Blogosphere,
While it is true that my summer travels have given me adequate excuses to procrastinate posts, the truth is that I have been derailed by continual losses of photos. First in May my camera and computer were stolen and now, after one month in Europe, my back-up camera and cards have been stolen in Spain. The only back-up photos were safely tucked on a computer at school which was wiped clean before I returned. Of these consecutive tragedies one small photo card remains of the millions of photos I have taken. The contents comprise this post below. They are, basically, supplemental photos to the last post - none of the millions of photos taken in Europe* - just some more of Art Omi from July.**

A piece of the barn that has been converted into studios. My studio is visible at the end of the path tucked under the trees to the left of the roof's peak.

Here's Eric Sall who came for open studios taking a photo of his wife's (Rachel Hayes) lawn piece.
This is David Ford from Kansas City. He knows Eric and Rachel from when they were there as undergrads.
And here is some of his work:

David hired these Revolutionary War Re-enactors to camp out the night before open studios and do their thing (including hanging an effigy of King George from a tree in front of my studio). Here there are milling around with us during brunch.
See David's work in Williamsburg September 14th at Jack the Pelican

Issa Nyaphaga put on a great show for open studios.
Issa is from Camaroon but has been exiled to France for his inflammatory political cartoons.

Jiha Moon. A Korean painter living in Georgia and showing with Moti Hasson Gallery.

Daniel from Argentina

Linda Geary made these paintings.


Linda had everyone collaborate with her by drawing on top of some of her paintings on paper.

Daniel on the left and Kate Gilmore on the right.

Seeman Ho from Hong Kong. That is her with Bryan in the photos of her studio.

Gabriela Galvan from Mexico City.


gabriela studio

gabriela studio

My Omi drawings. I am going to scan these and post them soon.
My studio
My trees.

My Korean friends and my dorm house in the background (the pool is behind those trees to the left).

Brian Zanisnik exemplifying late night studio creativity.

Loren from New Orleans in the background.

See Bryan's New York solo show debut in Chelsea at Priska C Juschka September 20th http://www.priskajuschkafineart.com/

*Luckily, there should be some Europe photos coming courtesy of travel companions Paul Gruwell and Natalie Barba. If any of you have photos of my life/art from this past year and would like to contribute to the Lost Cause Project, please mail them to: 1000 W Broad st. Richmond VA 23284.
**You will see a more complete post of my Omi friends soon using official Omi portraits. I don't want to shortchange any of the awesome artists I became friends with over three weeks even though this last photo card seems to favour only a fraction of them.


D/B/c/m said...

love this post. it's interesting to sense a different culture in the foreign artists work.

savoury toothed tiger said...

theres more where that came from!

kirsten sparenborg said...

I am shedding a tear of empathy for your lost photos.