Friday, September 14

one million affairs

I interrupt my Omi reporting to hear an announcement from this man:
Joe Penrod and I are showing with Swarm Gallery at "The Affair" in Portland, room 250.
So far i have helped him tape this
and this

You can find us tomorrow in Portland capturing more shadows and schmoozing at the Jupiter.

Until then you can find me making Taco Soup here (right after I post this important message)
That's right, 420, home to the famous Granteeny (seen here in the doorway way past his bedtime)

and Happy Birthday Karen Clark Stavast!, mother of 31/2 daughters and my beloved little sister since my brain learned how to remember.


Jeni Everett said...

Hey Jared,
We miss you! Come to Arizona and we will give you lots of hugs. Tommy will also sport an asymmetrical beard! Here is our link
Tommy and Jeni

Dann said...

I love the Jupiter! I was killing some time before a Kings of Convenience show at the Doug Fir Lounge and saw some great things at this place. It was a uberhip and magical night.