Saturday, September 22

one million true grit cardboard heads

"Marion Robert Morrison"(a.k.a. John Wayne)

Another rad Seattle gallery held one of my favourites:

Scott Fife "True Grit" at Platform Gallery
(please use title link for more images)

"Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell"
(aka Jane Russell)

Oh cardboardheads, you never let me down!

foreground: "Jun Fan" (aka Bruce Lee)
background: "William H. Bonney" (aka Billy the Kid)

I saw Platform's room a week ago today at the Affair in Portland and found out about their current Scott Fife show and began scheming a visit. It was the whole reason I went to see galleries in Seattle my last day in the Northwest. Ever since running into the cardboard heads at 'Bodybuilder and Sportsman' in Chicago three years ago I have been romancing my opportunities to see them. Just wait to you see one being made:

The cardboard is grey because its the archival type, but it adds to a zombie effect you already get with the torn cardboard layers packed on with screws and dripping woodglue. I didn't think of them as zombies until just now, maybe the werewolf made the connection for me...alongside the theme favouring archetypes of violence.


eped said...

thanks for the pics. these are pretty awesome!

Tylr said...

hey jared lindsay clark. this is tylr. from pittsburgh. from two thanksgivings ago. how is it going, mr. slide puzzle?