Monday, September 17

one million international artists

In no particular order I give you my artist friends from Art Omi in their studios

Ugochukwu Smooth, Nigeria

Zin Ki Jong, South Korea

Rachel Hayes, Richmond > New York

Robbin Deyo, Montreal

Ruijun Shen, China > Chicago

Seeman Ho, Hong Kong

Mamady Seydi, Senegal

Myung-jin Song, South Korea

Kiril Pantleev, Latvia

Kris Lukomski, Poland

Linda Geary, Oakland CA

Loren Schwerd, New Orleans

Jorge Mendez Blake, Guadalajara Mexico

Kate Gilmore, New York

John Nicholson, Australia

Jiha Moon, Korea > Atlanta

Jeffrey Gibson, New York

Gregor Kregar, Slovania > New Zealand
Kwabena Slaughter, New York

Daniel Joglar, Argentina

Srinivasa Prasad, India

Jared Clark, Richmond > homeless

Issa Nyaphaga, Camaroon > France

David Ford, Kansas City (see him in the latest issue of New American Paintings)

Gabriela Galvan, Mexico City > New York

Bryan Zanisnik, New Jersey > New York

Chitra Ganesh, New York

Christine Laquet, France


rapaz said...

shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! ok well, its not really that bad, its just that I'm doing the same type of forms that gregor kregar and srinivasa prasad are doing (did they collaborate?).

savoury toothed tiger said...

i should have made a note about that - I didn't have a photo of Srinivasa in his studio, only this one in Gregor's. He actually was growing salt crystals on the forms. it started working but the first round were licked off by a family of deer and then there wasn't enough time to incubate the white crystals over the whole thing. But anyway, everytime you try to build things with just triangles it just might look like some other triangular guy's stuff.

rapaz said...

luckily mine are irregular hexagons and triangles,

Aluwicious said...

SO COOL! My husband and I are moving to Zürich next week. Lots of art there. I'm going to paint for the year. I'm excited.

savoury toothed tiger said...

that is super lucky of you, rapaz, no one will see that shape combination coming - and i went to your blog and realized who you were - it was great to see a photo of that installation after seeing only the beginnings of it last new years. i would like to see more. are you applying to grad school?

rapaz said...

I am glad you saw it, I am currently creating a site with better process photos and the "reinstallation" process I am currently undertaking. I am applying to grad school hopefully in January, and VCU is in my top 5, so I would like to talk to you about it sometime. Anyway, talk to you later.

luminainfinite said...


i can't resist a shout-out to Jiha Moon, Myng-Jin Song and Zin Ki Jong... 안녕하쎄요!