Saturday, May 20

one million pillows to fluff

as promised i now bring you what the previous two posts have hinted at, the annual, the grand, the grotesque:
"I Mean, C'mon Fluff My Pillow III".
Fluff My Pillow is a one night show performed in the seedy Inns of Virginia here in Richmond - official nightly one a.m. stop of the chinatown bus to d.c. and n.y.c and home to thursday and friday night kareoke bar (we can assume that Elliott Yamin debuted here)

this yearly end-of-the-year party is meant for the site specific and the performance. this year we had more schools outside of Richmond rent rooms than VCU:
Columbia College (Chicago)
Indiana (Bloomington)
Ohio State
San Francisco Art Institute
New Mexico

*i'm sure if you are in a grad program and interested you can plan on renting some rooms for pillow fluff IV next spring which promises to only get more grand and more grotesque.

I shared a room with these fine pieces

eric sall and josh rodenberg through the glass

angie, jnel, and miriam bask in the glow

john henry blatter on the television

this detail of john's video appears courtesey its installation at claremont graduate university

Here's some more hits from Virginia Commonwealth:
Rachel Hayes and Emily Hall built this bed spread painting

Tom Condon and one of his classic giant xerox manipulations

that mail is ceramic

Sarah curated this show of tinys for the bathroom

Now for the rest of the hotel rooms - i'm not sure of which school did some of these, but ohio state had four or five rooms and a lot of the work.

nothing like having the Lifted Lorax as your sandman to lull you to sleep with tales of post-apocalyptic-consumer-destruction.

remember when susan kruger did a version of this in 1994 as freshman in joe ostraff's class?

so this one needs a narration.
upon entering the secretary would give you an appointment and resume typing busily.

your appointment, it turns out, was with a fortune telling gypsy in a tiny closet.
From what i remember of mine there was a prediction about my life at 27 and that i related to the zebra because of its sternness and that i was a buffalo in a previous life. she couldn't help me with the crisis i was about to encounter and diagnosed me to cross the bathroom to see the psychiatrist.

the psychiatrist couch was a comfortor in the tub and the dialogue - you found out after leaving - was a madlib she filled-out while you were in with the gypsy. upon leaving the secretary handed you the note she had been typing which included a personal insult along with her stream-of-consciousness observations.

this is an elaborate model train from new mexico.

these girls were from Indiana and had a pretty crazy Sweet Tooth challenge. in this photo they had already eaten some pies that had fallen on the ground, jumped for a dangling twinkie until one finally snagged it (this is all without hands) gone through some more cream pies and were licking up pixie stix sugar to be followed by frosting and finished with a plate of pepto bismol. if you're lucky, eric sall will give me the photos that exist of me jumping for the twinkie and i will blog them.

this juggler had some glow-in-the-dark make-up that he would mark his skin with each time he dropped his glow-in-the-dark juggle balls.

eric and rachel and mike

rachel kicks off the kareoke with some rod stewart!

there were some awesome performances on the stage. i was honored to sing back-up for some 'go your own way' fleetwood mac and some 'every rose has its thorn' before going solo as RUNJLC with you be illin'. can't wait til next year!

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