Tuesday, February 12

one million dangers of devil'sland

Sculpture by Gian Pierotti
Installed on anonymous graffitti

Today Gian invited me for an art adventure at a little post-apocalyptic ruin paradise here in the Utah wilderness we know as Devil'sland
We extracted Ruel from his sickbed to join the adventure.
Gian shot photos of his little ceramic sculptures

and I dropped my sunglasses into a pit half filled with insecure ice.

Just one of the seven dangers of Devil'sland.


eli said...

did you hear the impending doom of the great salt lake? you had better get out to the spiral jetty while it is still magical and surrounded by owls.

savoury toothed tiger said...

i did not hear about it...but you're right, i should return to the jetty asap.

stackingchairs said...

So, the ice was insecure? sad.