Friday, July 7

one million blue guerillas

Joe Penrod in Portland exactly one week ago.

i got to help joe kick off this new series of his which takes advantage of the ubiquitous supply of urban shadows available to the public. see and read more at his blog linked to mine and his flickr account linked to the title.

Rob Egbert casting us a shadow onto the Seattle Art Museum - thanks also to his wife, Sara, for helping with Seattle shadows and getting us matching blue shirts for the performance.

We visited the Frye Museum in Seattle twice and got two different looks at this shadow.

Pike Place Market.


Joe Penrod said...

I'm hitting Seattle again tomorrow morning. Wish Team Blue Tape could be reunited. this time I am going to ask random pedestrians to stop pedesting long enough to catch their shadows.

savoury toothed tiger said...

that's a great idea. you might even sell-out and charge like twenty bucks to do blue tape portraits of people's shadows.