Tuesday, September 6

one million miles

believe it or not, this web log is my first assignment in grad school. along with joining del.icio.us and flickr. everyone should probably stop reading for a moment to join those two sites. judging from my addictions to these sort of narcissistic internet profile sites once i get the hang of this i may even catch-up to the thorough diary routine of brigham (briggie on this thing). my only other experience in blog reading is amishrobot.com (josh penrod), papa november (joe penrod - off amishrobot) and movable walls (chris lynn: tinypineapple.com/chris). those four guys deserve their blogs because they are four of the five most cleverguys i have met so far (gian being the unblogged one). so in holding brigham and others as my trailblazers i immediately realize the futility of creating a clever blog and will forever blog in their shadows. for this first post i haven't even taken my own photographs. i owe all images to suzanne heaton, my perfect travel companion on my trip across the country.

this is a re-enactment of me selling my volvo to karri Jorgenson in provo the very hour i took off in my u-haul. we are agreeing on the perfect sum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS which also turned out to be the perfect sum to match the prices of gasoline while driving a truck from utah to virginia full of wood bought in thrift stores. filling a $60 tank several times a day made me feel good about procrastinating my next car purchase for a while.

next we have the lovely suzanne and myself getting amped for the best trip of her life...ever.

and here we introduce the truck that i grew to love and the gian i grew to love, widely known as the most clever human being known to anyone i know.

this was a happy moment in wyoming. i don't find the word addiction harsh when it comes to america's favourite action drink, Yoo-Hoo. and yes, i do capture the irony in using the british spelling of the adjective in describing something so american.

So we drove from Provo to Denver on a Thursday. I'll save stories for when i get my own photos and skip to this Chicago moment. For my last trick i present Dan Flavin whose retrospective, even for a minimalphile such as myself, was surprizing in how good it was all together and in person. I got to see it with my last mission companion in Spain, Jimmy Peterson [iamesjpeterson.com], who is also just starting grad school. He will follow Todd Chilton's [toddchilton.com] footsteps at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a Painting major, (Todd just finished). (Also, I started capitalizing because of the spellcheck on this thing). Anyway, cool show...with both cool and warm light installations. I'm a nerd.

p.s. I moved from Provo, Utah - where I lived for seven years as a student at Brigham Young University and a teacher at Heritage Schools Inc. - to Richmond, Virginia to spend two years at Virginia Commonwealth doing a masters in Painting and Printmaking.

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