Wednesday, December 20

one million fifty 50s

This is Jimmy and Salime Peterson's gallery in Chicago's west loop.
Casey Jex Smith and I split the space - true to its name.
We called it "Come Come Ye Saints".
Casey couldn't be there but I thought he would enjoy this graffitti:

Using junk found immediately outside the gallery I built a companion form to the ones structuring Casey's drawing on the left.

Casey's drawings looked awesome as per usual.

A crowd favourite of the evening.
I was really into these two brand new ones.

That's my suitcase with "Traveling Bilds" in the background.
And a close-up of the finished pieces.

I had some photos of outdoor installations
some of which were pinned to the ceiling with my two stacks.

My part of the show turned out, unexpectedly, heavy on the video and photography.
I think I need to find some better photos before I can explain this tall sculpture to y'all. Such bad photos...I'll be editing this post once I get a hold of some better shots.

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Brig said...

I have learned a difficult lesson here. The lesson is: "Read Jared's blog more often because maybe he had some art in Chicago while you were home there for the holiday with nothing to do"