Wednesday, January 3

one million chicagoan art likers

Hey, I found more photos of people in Chicago!

Josh Fritz

...that girl isn't wearing any pants!

Me and MoJo

Josh, Mo and Salime carrying Jimmy Jr.

Better shots of that one dangerous bild.
This one with Mo.

Everyone loves the scarf Josh's mom made (Michelle Everett, Kim Egbert, Momoko Fritz)

Josh and Mo become friends with Darin and Liz.


Fletcher a.k.a. Daniel Everett was there and obviously VERY interested in art.

Jimmy and I got classed-up after our days of dirty work (double tie in full effect - compensating for Jimmy's no tie)

Todd at the neighboring West Loop show of Rodney Graham (guy in background left)

Jimmy and the most dangerous piece I've made so far (it fell on Jimmy in its first incarnation - he dodged)

As you can see my photo taking has gotten La-a-ai-zy. I will try to be unlazier for the show coming this Friday....

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todd said...

it was rodney graham.