Wednesday, February 7

one million new links

here's some new links you might be into. I don't have them hyperlinked so you actually have to drag your mouse over to the link bar.


stacking chairs

a.k.a Brian Thibodeau's new art site, very cool and even more focused on being a forum of art and culture. Looking forward to Aaron Gerth's, hopefully coming soon.

valerie molnar

fellow vcu student and fellow painter without focus on paint.

robert hobbs

my art history professor...amazing.

peter baker

this has been a link for awhile but you seriously need to check this bay area guy out (met him in brooklyn)

sunny belliston

about to get her mfa at The Ohio State University - great stuff.

village voice

a.k.a. Jerry Saltz site


this is a really cool art blog i wish i had been watching the last two years - could never remember the url. memory loss solved.

not that most of the art sites aren't blogs, but you know what i mean...


my darling sister in the bay area.


jenny ostraff, sometimes art site (especially right now)


heather roberts, vitamix blog


stackingchairs said...

Hey Jared, Thanks for the link-you beautiful man you!

Jenny said...

thanks for linking me too! it was a pleasant surprise.

heatherlynn said...

that's how sc and i were introduced. the paintersnyc=yum. many thanks for sharing and connecting as well, beautiful jlc.

Jonathan Canlas said...

jlc, you are alive. how tall are your brothers now?


stackingchairs said...


Eric Anthony Larkin 2 said...

ahhh real art finally.

cool man.