Tuesday, October 9

one million drawing instructions

This summer I saw plenty of Sol Lewitt (r.i.p.) drawings hanging around (Venice Bienale, Dia Beacon, James Cohan), in honor of his recent passing; but they only minimally* prepared me for the awesomeness of this cube in Paula Cooper.

Cryptically titled "A Cube with Scribble Bands in Four Directions" Aaron Gerth (foreground) ordered me to behold this feat of pencil and pay my respects before I left for Vermont and I'm glad I did. Even if it wasn't a feat miraculously handled by one human but many - and not one of them the artist...like pharoah's pyramids, it also serves as a giant, monolithic tombstone, ordered by he whom it memorializes, for us to forever remember in awe the power of one of our greatest.
This series of drawings, although pure pencil, moves and fuzzes with almost electrical vibrating gradations, bearing an unexpected correlation to the style of Chicago painter Ed Paschke r.i.p. (who was given a spot in the last Whitney biennial as a reward for dying).


Coincidence that these two are arguably the most famous of our recently artistic dead?
All I'm saying is Beware the electric gradation style - it might be as radioactive as it looks.

*(sorry, pun totally intended)

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