Wednesday, November 14

one million rocks

Alright, lets show you some Vermont Studio work

and one million toads.


Lynn (in black)


Nathan and Lily

The first stack rarely stays put does it. I guess that's how they figured out the wheel: while trying to stack really round rocks into a wall. In the terms of Andy Goldsworthy "the stone was speaking to me, I had to listen to the stone and try again."

Jorge and his smoking aura.

More adventures of Jared y Pablo.


SEECOY said...

the rocks and everything is awesome

becca said...

jared -

googled you. love the posts. jealous of the northeastern adventures!

-cousin becca
original cow patrol ;-)

SummerChild said...

I love the rocks! They look like giant jelly beans. I want to eat them all. p.s. you know the dude I was excited about? Well, it is over. oh well.

Cammie said...

you are doing such cool work and I really enjoyed seeing the process.