Tuesday, February 1

one million face performances with Sharpies


brooklyn said...

okay, so at first glance: humorous. after a while I start wondering about potential philosophies behind it: art only exists via perception (eyes)...or... represents the limited, yet organic nature, of limited capacity to create art (or anything) in any given moment...or...a representation of the internal frustration of lacking means to create and having to find less efficient or restrictive methods...or...you got bored with your conventionally perfected skill...or...being gripped with curiosity about how you made the series in the third video--the whole thing, perhaps, signifying the process in modern art that so many take for granted...or...the process being the art itself (you never showed the final product in the performances)...or...you just thought it would be interesting...or maybe i'm just creating the emperors clothes? come on, we need a plaque next to these.

they are very nice, though. i love the explosive color.

dave said...

...and by emperors clothes, i mean that there is no deliberate philosophy or mental reason behind it other than expression of soul, beauty and creativity (which, in my opinion, is the most essential cause of good art, anyway).

we're in NY right now and wish i could see your work along side the rest of the genius.