Friday, November 25

one million paintings by first year painters a.k.a ROYGBIV

the first semester is coming to a close and so the time has come for the first year painters to reveal their chops in the gallery here on the first floor of 1000 Broadstreet.

since there are seven of us we logically did a show called ROYGBIV. a sort of monochrome show where each of us was assigned a colour. so here we go in that order.

R (me)

this is a print on BFK of a digital photo

the red dots in the photo are of gallery "sold" stickers stuck to the ground

the ground that you're standing on while looking at the print. the idea is that the viewer realizes she is standing on the stickers and, since they have been stood upon by many veiwers, notices that the fresh stickers in the print are now worn-out and damaged stickers. so far it hasn't been working - too subtle for people to notice - but i like the idea and will keep working on it.

similar idea except without the accompanying print.

right at the entrance of the gallery

i don't know that anyone has noticed these stickers at all.

although not technically IN the gallery it is near and IS technically part of ROYGBIV.

O (heather)

heather has been working exclusively with plaster directly on her studio wall and found a clever way to introduce orange into her whitecentric labors.


steel wool and nails

Y (andy)
that window is important to this piece

my still shots don't do this justice. it's a realtime sunrise shot from andy's studio window that peeks out from the trees and floods to yellow

this is highlighter on the wall masked off to the same size as the dvd screen of the sunrise. this one is called sunset since, due to the fugitive nature of the highlighter, it is actually fading from the wall. when i thought about the highlighter more i got really excited about this piece.

G (lauren)

lauren has also been whitecentric in her exclusive use of paper until now

she not only has pÄinted green but experimented with yellow and blue paint reflecting on each other - using light to create color

with this detail i hope to show how she has painted the backs of her paper so that they would reflect color onto the wall

B (jason)

I (mike)

mike signed every separate piece of wood used in this painting so that "erickson" appears eight times on the otherwise completely flat painted surfaces

V (marian)

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