Thursday, November 17

one million red things

i made this last night (after my aborted effort monday night). it looks like a poster in this image so i put in more photos to show how things are stacked into a cut out window in the stairway. this is the 2nd floor of our art building which is home to crafts, clay, metal, fibers - you know - the hippies of artschool.

this is the 6th installation-stack-painting and i've been calling them "builds" for the double meaning afforded by the german "bild". i'm debating which spelling to use right now (as i'm about to make these works official and talk about them in a presentation on saturday) so let me know if one sounds better to you: build or bild. so this would be Bild 6 or RedBuild or something.

because it is tightly packed into a wall 'frame' this one achieves the found-object-sculpture-as-painting much more assertively than the rest. controlling the color scheme has also brought more painterly thought patterns into it. it's weird to stare at it in real life and have it fluctuate from 2-D to 3-D.

i sort of give myself rules for these Bilds and i've ended-up changing them a little for each one. with this Build i allowed myself to put toys in the back and paint the ends of my boards by dipping them in liquid rubber.

i just want to give Bild and Build equal p.c. opportunity until i make a decision...

this is part of a group show the first-year-painters are doing called ROYGBIV. since there are seven of us we each get a color and do a monochrome work. everyone will be installing tomorrow so you'll get to see my peer's work soon!

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Joe Penrod said...

I really like this one. It really does read like a painting sitting flush with the wall like that. Now you just need to take a photo and print it out on that fancy printer of yours and hang the print next to the real piece.