Wednesday, January 18

one million paintings before getting all my stuff stolen on the chinatown bus

its nice to see that the west village loves arthur killer kane almost as much as utah does

jeffrey lives right near wall street

i couldn't help falling for their 'christmas lights wrapped around pillars becoming a flat american flag concept. later the next evening i dropped a bottle of Yoo-Hoo near this corner as all the business types were getting off work. beverage and glass all over the place while i struggled with my luggage. it was embarrasing

the trinity church off wall street hosts this bronze cast of tree roots painted red. for me it tells me that i'm almost to jeffrey's. to others it is suppossed to commemorate september 11th. there is an ad in Art and America of this piece.

here is a boring show not unlike the concept of our ROYGBIV...but ours wasn't boring

they had this richard tuttle and i include it in memory of all the photos i wanted to take at the whitney of the richard tuttle retrospective. i have often thought that if i ever saw more of his work that i would like it. my prediction was true and i came away from the whitney in a fog of jealousy and inspiration.

this monochrome was really neat - image only through texture

i think it's hard to make collage interesting these days so i began looking at these with a skeptical eye, but i've got to admit that Lamar Peterson amused and impressed me with these. Mike Erickson saw these too and loved them.

it's hard to tell, but the cartoony parts are painted on a collaged piece of paper so that he also matched the backgrounds in his painting

i was also surprised to be impressed by these paintings by Kyle Staver. they strike me as a great mix between marian's and mike's paintings (both their websites linked on this blog) marian's situations and light with mike's cartoonishness and unedited immediacy.

the eighties! Julian Schnabel

Kenny Scharff

Donald Baechler. kind of ridiculous show, but i have a guilty pleasure for Donald Baechler.


Keith Haring

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