Wednesday, January 18

one million paintings by mfas...again

on the heels of ROYGBIV yet another show of the seven first year painters here at VCU. this comes as a great opportunity from our critical theory teacher, Paul Ryan, who is professor and gallery director at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. Maybe when i go back for the reception i'll take some photos of this campus on the hill because it is GORGEOUS.


this close-up shows how this is plaster directly on the wall


somehow a walkman that i lent to andy expressly for the purpose of listening to a mix tape i made him found its way wired into these pots and pans. there's artistic licence for ya.

i'm not much of a title checker but this one is something about mike and donald rumsfield crying on each other's shoulders. and i like it a lot


i thought it appropriate that our car ride conversation included 'Moon Unit Zappa' before we saw these paitings.


i have to apologize about my apathy toward un-yellowizing photos before blogging because these are YELLOW. the moon that night was also un-naturally yellow so i guess its appropriate.


i also should apologizing for taking bad snap shots throughout this entire blog. they don't do these delicate paintings justice.


i forgot to let kevin and ashley in on the secret that these aren't real cutting boards. so, yeah, they were shocked! i even let them touch the art to feel paper instead of the wood you would expect

kevin and ashley were visiting from boston and were so awesome to
A. drive me to staunton and
B. actually want to see the art show

afterward we stopped at a gas station for the simple fact that it was called Wilco. kevin is also the man who got me the wilco documentary dvd for my birthday. i think its safe to say that we harbor love for each other - no threat to ashley of course.


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Cache said...

i agree with tandy. I'm going to have to borrow your blog then next time i need a detective.

Brig said...

Do you know who else went to your school?


Holy eff.

savoury toothed tiger said...

are you serious brig? gwar are vcu grads/dropouts???

savoury toothed tiger said...

dear brig,
it has recently come to my attention that there is an artshow of GWAR artifacts currently on display here in richmond. i am now leaving richmond for l.a. and n.y.c but i solemly pledge to visit the GWAR show and blog it for y'all.