Saturday, August 5

one million earth art portraits

one year ago today the Spiral Jetty looked like something out of Starwars V.

these are examples of what the Jetty looks like with artist boys standing on/in it

Chris Coy

Ruel Brown

Allan Ludwig

Gian Pierotti

Karate Kids I

there are snakes in them there desert hills

so make sure to use the buddy system and keep well hydrated

The Spiral Jetty comes with my highest recommendation : you will discover directions in the title's link and should go see it this month before school. If i ever figure out how to blog video you shall witness some more of our jetty adventures later... talk about the perfect weekend adventure right before leaving Utah to move to artschool.

1 comment:

Portrait Artist said...

Cool pictures!!!
It seems like you guys were having a lot of fun taking those pictures.
By the way what’s that chair doing in that place?? I’m curious.