Sunday, August 6

one million floortapedstripe paintings

Jim Lambie was here. We were there Friday.

Dear Hirshhorn,
How are you consistently so good to me? Thank-you for the Gober butter last year, the Ron Mueck giant in 2002, and for the Juliao Sarmentos when i first found you in 1999 as an eager an innocent youngster...and for the great time again just now. love, j a r e d.

thats my Burger King Starwars watch, the Luke/storm trooper edition. it served me well in this strange land without time or space.

Lauren Clay!

this hovering glitter laden eyelash form was suspended by two skinny belts and excited Aaron to no end.

Martin Puryear!

the Hirshhorn basement featured John Baldessari as curator showing things that interested him from the collection. There was an Anish Kapoor that seriously freaked us out - it was like a black hole and a sphere simultaneously in real space. Lauren got scared, Aaron got titillated, and i was hypnotized - sucked toward it like a zombie toward living flesh. after experiencing the inexperiencible i am prepared to give Anish the MacArthur Genius Award - at least he deserves it over whats her face that makes the complex technical paintings on vellum...oh yeah: Julie Mehretu.
there was also a great Anselm Kiefer show that we weren't allowed to take photos of and a meh Baldessari show that there was no point to take photos of upstairs.

and now the real reason for our d.c. trip: Joe McSpadden!

eat your heart out, Cassian. actually, it was so uncomfortable that you may not have enjoyed the opening despite your love of the McSpaddens.

the sweatband isn't any longer for show as it was in the Lambie room - it was a million degrees hot.

Aaron and Joe love each other like twins. i'm so glad they didn't dress exactly the same on purpose - that would have completely ruined the moment.

take us home tonight, mr. metro

thanks for the photos Lauren and Aaron!


Cache said...

Yes!!! but why was it so uncomfortable?

Cache said...

oh, the heat? epiphany

k tron said...

storm trooper starwars watch?!?!?

i've been trying to track one down since mine bit the dust. would you ever want to part with it?

savoury toothed tiger said... i know why you have a frowny face in your picture, k tron. funny you asked because i was just in nyc noticing that my friend jeffrey has the same watched stored in it's collectible capsule, noting that i have opted for the rough and tumble treatment. it is my only wristwatch and would be difficult to part with...but that pokey bottom lip might just convince me.