Tuesday, March 20

one million more hunches

Before I release one million photos of nine days in New York City plus one day in D.C., I must disclose some recent detective work into some hunches I've been having. Some readers will remember the indisputable connection I made in February of 2006 between Fred Schneider (of the B52s) and Jasper Johns (art rockstar) with many proofs. These two new cases implicate two more art rockstars.
Let me show you my findings*

The elusive and terrible Abominable Snowman of the North Pole

The formidable John Baldessari of L.A.

Summer and Winter Homes??? Multiple disappearances???? Coincidence?????
*by "my" i mean "Mike Erickson's" gumshoeing on the Baldessari case just today.

This next one came to me last night

The eccentric and brilliant Richard Tuttle

The (same adjectives) Michael Jackson

The Jackson Six?


stackingchairs said...

your insights are astounding!!

Anonymous said...
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Aluwicious said...


Cache said...

"Before I release one million photos of nine days in New York City plus one day in D.C..."

that was a week ago! what's the hold up?

savoury toothed tiger said...

trip to oakland (just got back this minute)
3 papers
thesis paper draft
all the studio work i have to do in one month
"the hold up"

Cache said...

well... um, quit procrastinating.

todd said...

ah, grad school.

i hope you're buying carbon offsets for all of this jet-setting you're doing.

Cindy said...

Where'd you go, what happened to all the art?