Monday, April 16

one million thesis postcards

This also serves as my explanation for why I haven't posted the promised New York and DC photographs with their accompanying stories: one million paintings to finish and one million words to write.

I also printed a new little booklet of the Bilds.
Here are some peeks of things you might remember:

There's about 40 images with most of the Bilds from the first to the most recent in Oakland.
If you're interested I will definitely sell you some for $15 a piece.


stackingchairs said...

save me one.

Cindy said...

I want one! I'll get it from you when I come visit.

Cache said...

what, my comments aren't good enough anymore? barry bonds tested + for meth, i heard.

Jason, Cam and Sully (plus one more in November) said...

Jared, send me your address...I will contribute to the good human fund