Friday, April 20

one million dana schutz hunches

Maybe I will give you bits of my studio visiting New York trip, bit by bit as I need breaks from making one million paintings.

I think it might be o.k. to show this camera phone photo from Dana Schutz's studio now that the show has been up. That's the back of Dr. Hobbs' shoulder on the right.

I had heard that Dana was friendly and nice, but when our class entered her studio I was unprepared for her to approach me with the smile reserved for long lost friends.
Turns out, she thought I was fellow artist Jim Drain (pictured below)
So our next look-alike hunch comes courtesey of Dana Schutz.

When I finally investigated and found this photo I had to admit that there could be some resemblancing going on, plus I wear pink shirts 50% of the time.

This is the most recent known digital photograph of me standing to the left of a girl - Jim is standing next to Naomi Fisher and I next to Natalie Fisher! (for a more true comparison) plus one of my five adorable nieces, Sammy Jo, right before going to church in San Francisco.


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Cindy said...

Um...that first picture is really disturbing.

Pink suits you.

stackingchairs said...

those are some beautiful jean jackets you guys are wearing!