Tuesday, April 24

one million thesis show teasers

So I started installing my thesis show this morning after packing til 4am last night. The gallery is stingy on only letting us install during regular hours so I really only have two work days to install one million paintings.
Here's one of them.

If you were to say to me, "Jared, I like the drawing on your thesis show postcard but why not use an image of one of the actual one million paintings?", I would say, "because none of them were done yet" but I would think about using this one.
I've had the bunny with the "Jared" written on it for quite awhile from a Utah thrifting adventure long ago (I didn't write it). But the geometric bunny I found while thrifting with Casey Smith in the Mission District last month. Nice little pair.


Joe said...

consider me teased.

dallapozza said...

what he said. fantastic.

dallapozza said...


stackingchairs said...

ok.how about we trade a "cutlage" let me know.. be safe in NYC. hit me up on the home front. and don't forget to save me a book. peace.

Gary said...

So when things settle down a bit could you give us an update?