Wednesday, September 24

one million gold mines of colorado springs

Don't let the rugged Colorado Springs hills and our concerned looks under this title mislead you to conclude that Chris Lynn and I are about to descend into a dangerously unstable mine in a rickety roller coaster from the nineteenth century in search for treasures untold.

is the scary mine

and refrigerators were my gold strike
An obsolete building that used to produce satellites and now housing obsolete equipment and furniture of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs was the goldmine that brought me this:
and made me want to mine this:

Roy helped me collect a truckfull and haul it into the gallery

But the first goldmine was a Styrofoam factory around the corner from my hotel.

They even lent me an official school minivan to stuff.

My concern over finding and transporting enough Styrofoam was transformed into glee.

The gallery storage held a goldmine of sculpture plinths.

which were perfect for a Mondrian Bild.

For the afterparty Colorado Springs showed us a goldmine of western fun.

That's the group x-plo on the left, an artist group also in the show.

you can probably tell from our countenances that Chris proved himself the better pooler.

p.s. colorado is also a goldmine of the art of our fellow undergrad alumn: sculptor Mike Whiting

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gk risser said...

I once saw a pile of toilets like that at a dump. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.