Tuesday, September 9

one million repeat photos for a class presentation in colorado university at colorado springs

Richmond, Virginia, 2007


Marcel Duchamp, "Fountain", 1917

Damian Hirst, "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living", 1991

"Bild I", 2005, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Bild 4", Richmond Virginia (backyard), 2005

"Bild 6", Virginia Commowealth University, 2005

Alan Kaprow, "Fluids" Happening, 1967

"Fluids" (re-creation), Angelis Gate Park, 2008

Richmond, Virginia, 2007

Richmond, Virginia, 2008, Soap in Brick Wall

Piet Mondrian

"Bild 22", Kompact Living Space, Residency/Exhibition in Berlin, 2008

Berlin, January 2008

Andy Goldsworthy

Vermont Studio Center, October 2007

Richard Serra "Tilted Arc", New York City, 1981


stackingchairs said...

you are beautiful my friend.

Taylors said...

bild 6. good.

kirsten sparenborg said...

The Soap in Brick Wall - it's a really, really close second. I'm fascinated with the concept. Could the Roman ruins be rebuilt in soap?