Thursday, February 26

one million balls that might be rocks


Grant said...

jared, I miss your face. come out here and live like a vagabon on the california coast. I can throw in a visit with Ruel to sweeten the pot. What do you say?

Mike Erickson said...


That is really cool, I need more images of it, don't hold back.

Did you show this to that guy who got our emails mixed?

I want to see the "football" up close, and the "basketball"

Is there a ping pong ball?

Miss you.

Hey if you go see Grant, (message above or below), stop in KC, I'll put you up, show you around, bbq sandwiches that weigh as much as a newborn....

Mike Erickson

Tiffani said...

Hey cousin, it was fun seeing you at Aunt Anne's funeral. I wish we all had more time to catch up. I have looked through your blog - wow you have a very creative mind! I just hooked up with Natalie's blog - take care, Tiffani

keenan said...


I didn't get you email, so shoot me an email if you can. I wanted to ask you about your work and would love to see some in person.

RO.MA. said...

I want a wall of bouncy balls... :(
hook me up?