Thursday, April 9

one million ways to paint like an electrician

These two pieces are also from the Swarm show (that just came down) in Oakland

I'm aware of a couple of blog entries on the show:



d/b/c/m said...

"Jared ceaselessly finds playful and clever ways to disrupt these very same systems"
Great statement on your brilliant punkedness.

LOVED the show (and feeling a little sick that pre-school fees for two impeded ownership of a piece from it).

laura said...

i wanna know what the gray, speckly stuff is in the middle. dirty styrofoam?

Nattie said...

I just read that review on your work and I'm still not convinced it was written in English. My humanities skills must be a little rusty...or in my locker.

savoury toothed tiger said...

b, please don't feel sick, seeing you and d/c/m was so great - much better than drawings.

laura, i'm so glad that you thought that - i wanted to make map pins pass as styrofoam.

nattie, your wit is razor sharp.