Wednesday, May 27

one million new york adventures with an aritst prodigy

Meet "Granteeny", a visual/conceptual artist prodigy (seen here being jealously karate kicked at by his artist father) whose work you may find linked to the title of this post.

His father and I considered ourselves prodigies through college and on until we realized that the cut-off year for being a prodigy is age 33; a number i meet in less than seven days.

Granteeny after critiquing my work at the opening of "Commune"


Yayoi Kusama at one of the Gagosians

Ernesto Neto at the Armory

The awe of the Guggenheim
The awe of Dylan's Candy Bar

it was a great week


susan said...

Joe's son is gorgeous...what an adventure!

Joe said...

Thanks for letting us stay with you! You forgot the awe of Jared's cozy bedroom and the awe of his new friend Jeffrey.