Saturday, June 13

one million early works from my parent's basement

don't be fooled, i could never even ollie, but i was an excellent webelos scout.

i could never convince my best friend, Alex Bigelow, that i hadn't traced Garfield, even after showing him the tiny newspaper image i copied it from.

my precociousness spilled over into literacy, i could spell my parent's names from early on.


laura said...

how did i not catch this earlier?! still love it.

Stackingchairs said...

wow.. that's the real deal! refreshing to think back on the days when we got so much satisfaction from capturing the likeness of the things we loved. I love how you even drew Jim Davis's signature. Nice work!

My word verification code was: prelic

steve said...

this art makes me happy.

gk risser said...

My great-grandmother refused to believe that I didn't trace the Garfield I drew for her when i was 9.

It was a crushing moment.

Makes me wonder how many other boys of the 80's share the same scar we do.

brooklyn said...

the best part of this fabulous serious: dum de dum de dum. SO funny.