Thursday, February 23

one million bild seasons

i think it has snowed thrice in Richmond this winter.

while central park was incapacitated with record breaking depths of snow, Richmond was incapacitated with two inches. schools were closed the next monday - after the snow had nearly disappeared - just in case.

i like to imagine that this bild will stand even after i move out. and that the drug dealers and pimps who can see the top of it from over the fence have some sort of nick-name for it. maybe some reference to the tower of babel with swears thrown in.

don't worry about that open door - the science of our particular house dictates that our indoors is always colder than the outdoors. i was actually trying to heat-up the house by letting warm icy air into the kitchen.

it's like that sequence in "Rivers and Tides" where they show Andy Goldsworthy's backyard cairn going through the seasons, but instead of shifty business in the alleyway, he has a cow that brushes past his stack of stones. i didn't like Andy Goldsworthy until i saw that documentary. then i completely bought in. i've been sort of sticking-up for him because some professors have been dismissing him around here, "too sacharine, boring". thats as may be, but someone had/has to do it. so i'm lending them Rivers and Tides to see if that softens them up.

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Cache said...

hey nice work on the posts... that bild looks fun with all that white stuff... gwar?yes. allan, great. those portraits of allen were really fun too. ah yes, are you going to be in provo this summer? i've been usin the strength shoes