Friday, February 10

one million reasons scientists should make art

1. Tim Hawkinson
2. Having black paint poured over yourself in a bathtub to generate sequential images which dictate the shapes making up this topographical portrait made of foam.

3. Making collage scientific

4. Rainbow Belts

5. Musical paper machet log with tiny dudes that hit the branch stumps in a percussive symphony

6. Gigantic homemade bagpipes

7. Supersonic babies of the future

8. Peter Halley
the ACE staff had left this outside their storage door, thank goodness.

not my favourite Tim Hawkinson stuff, but good enough to keep me from hating the ACE this year and losing my faith in artist scientists due to the rest of the gallery's show (repeated below) - a disclaimer to which i make, in part, in honor of the art ideas of my scientist friend, Elliott Carter Ferris.


Cache said...

tim hawkinson, yea-hah! were you able to go see his uberorgan?

dr_b_rock said...

there was something kind of like that bagpipe contraption at the MassMOCA a few months ago. This huge bag (think HUGE) would inflate and then, as it deflated, it would push air across these chimes to exactly mimic the mating call of some tree frog. Science + art = ??