Monday, November 6

one m...billion baggy brooklyn bilds blogged

Bild 9 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Kent and 6th [off the Bedford L train stop])

Attention New Yorkers and visitors
you are welcome to the opening of this show next weekend or the one after at the above listed location. feel free to send me photographs and/or especially videos (i want a record of it breathing).

I started this with Joe Penrod two weeks ago as a tail end to his business trip out to baltimore. back then it was mainly the tubes.
here's Joe showing us how its done and overcoming his germophobia like a man

proof of the grossness joe had to fear:

joe had his own site specific guerilla project for the weekend in closer contact with humans and dog urinals (more proof of conquering grossness). here is the trashcan we worked on together in the heart of williamsburg just like we did in seattle and portland last summer (see more at

and this bottle shape tape shadow was still in front of Pierogi gallery two weeks later long after the bottle had been kicked

dis-satisfied with just the tubes we finished that weekend, i was lucky enough to come back two weeks later on the VCU trip and flesh out this idea that the windy area proposed: to tie found plastic bags to the front as a sort of kinetic, breathing painting.

this is your view as you walk towards the water from the Bedford stop

here are some details of the breath

and the false wind collection engines in the back

paint bags

but not bags of paint

my last day (two days ago, saturday) i worked 9-5 and made some new friends

first there was veronica who was there for the CMJ music festival going on across the street (finally explaining the throngs of hipsters nearby) where Album Leaf was headlining. she kindly offered to try and put me on the invite only guest list (see the bild in the background)

next was Peter and Michelle from San Francisco. this was the crazy coincidence of the day as i told them i would be showing at SWARM gallery in Oakland on Valentine's - a gallery they're very familiar with especially due to Michelle's connections with her job at the Oakland Art Gallery. i will see them in February!

see Peter's work (photography) at and

Then Luciane who confessed to noticing me working two weeks earlier approached and introduced herself as the architect of the towers being built next door...perhaps one of her contractors was responsible for the pvc pipe waste that became half of my inspiration. see her work at

two blonde german girls, Fillipa und Valerie, from Munchen came and withstood me practicing my elementary greetings on them (i'm taking 101 this semester) which didn't last long (i'm worse conversationally than i imagined)

Take (TAH-kay) appeared and promised to show me around if i ever came to Japan

and finally Kevin from Massachessetts joined in my picture taking by climbing the telephone pole. hopefully he will send me the aerial shots he took of the piece for me to show you here. i then tried to get into the music festival with kevin but to no avail (no indie rock pun intended).

congratulations if you made it through this ridiculously long post, i feel like i have given you a concussion - which is incredible since i'm using soft air filled bags - and owe you an apology...i really need to start making videos of these things.

so that was two days ago, i'm working on a plan to go back this friday or the next on the chinatown bus so maybe we really will have a little opening...


Anonymous said...

philosophy is never this fun.

Jenny Ostraff said...

Jared Clark, did you know that we were in New York at the same time? Had I known, I would have met up with you and come to see your art first hand. How is Virginia treating you? I was talking to Ruel today, he says you're thinking about going to Berlin for awhile. It's funny, I've been thinking about doing that as well. We should compare notes.

bex said...

this is great. i love the evolution of the bild!

Anonymous said...

define: bild
i love it
a breath of fresh baggy air.

savoury toothed tiger said...

cache - this IS philosophy. you can join me in december.
jenny - this is the saddest new york news i've ever heard...will you be there in two weeks?
bex - thanks. if you love it so much i will make one in oakland for you to marry...or better yet, you can help bild it! and peter and michelle used to live practically next door to you! and, p.s., i just checked out peter's site (treemeat) completely sublime - everyone should give it a click.

savoury toothed tiger said...

german - picture (painting reference)
english - construct (sculpture, architecture reference)
to name my straddling of the painting/sculpture divide

Jenny Ostraff said...

Sadly, Jared, I will not be in New York in two weeks. I'm actually going to be in New Zealand, visiting my family. Want to come do some art there?

savoury toothed tiger said...

are you kidding? i would love to come do some art there: a kiwibild! i'll be waiting for the plane ticket...

Jenny Ostraff said...

Keep on waiting for that ticket. That's what I did. I waited and waited and waited and waited, until last week when my dad called and said he would buy me a ticket to come visit. Maybe the same thing will happen to you.

Joe Penrod said...

Good luck with your opening. i wish I could be there. i'm glad to see the bild in a more complete state. it was sad to leave it unresolved. But, what is resolved? My germ issues. thanks new York, for being filthy, and thanks jared for being artsy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jared, it's not the best photo, but: