Monday, November 20

one million pierogi paintings

David C. Scher

these were my favourites of the Pierogi opening this Saturday.
(more linked to the title).

i thought this rubber band totally worked.

in three trips to new york city in a month's time, Pierogi Gallery in Williamsburg was the only gallery i saw each time. during the first trip joe penrod gifted Pierogi with one of his blue tape shadows cast by a beer bottle on their sidewalk. The bottle has long been kicked and people have surely forgotten its recent transformation into high art; but joe's shadow, executed a month ago, still meekly lives in mutual respect with Pierogi and its visitors.

both with joe and just two weeks ago with VCU classes, we alls saw the Tavares Strachan show at Pierogi and got to meet and listen to Tavares himself who comes recently from RISD by way of the Bahamas.
(Joe Siepel - Assistant Dean and Gregory Volk - Professor/Critic listen on)

even more exciting than Tavares explaining the process (shown in this exhibition) of scientifically transforming one year of urine into drinking water, was his tale of excavating a huge block of ice from Alaska and fedexing it to the bahamas (soon to be on view in Scope Miami)

Mike Erickson and Jason Coates contemplate the possible refreshment of a refrigerated bottle of water contrasted with the relative displeasure of withstanding the mentioned lingering scent of urine to the otherwise pure beverage.

p.s. Mike's and Jason's paintings next door to my studio are currently kicking butt.

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